Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Service Guide

Introduction to the Huetiful Hair Steamer, its History, and its Founder. Includes a product demonstration and information on the Huetiful Salon.

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a word from ken EDITORIAL FROM THE CEO The Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment is our signature service; providing strength and hydration to textured hair. What most don't know is that nanoSMOOTHING is the only reason why I started the Huetiful Salon. Here's what happened. Between 2008 and 2012, Brazilian straighteners and Keratin Treatments were all the rage in hair care. A lot of popular, big global companies were making a lot of money providing hair care products that gave a great finished look with these treatments. The problem is that these treatments were often extremely damaging to the hair strands. Some treatments even required stylists to wear a medical mask during application because of the fumes. Having just launched the Huetiful Hair Steamer, I wanted no part of this kind of hair care and I routinely heard complaints about the damage that these treatments caused. Clearly, selling product that requires medical masks isn't going to be healthy for the hair. So, I set out to create a treatment that provided uncompromising healthy hair care AND the styling benefits that textured hair clients were seeking. In essence, I wanted to create the Uber Product for Textured Hair. After months of development and testing, the Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment was completed. In early 2012, Kisha McDaniel (former brand associate) and I hosted a live demonstration Sincerely, Ken Burkeen 3 and invited 40 different salons in the Atlanta area to view it. We were rolling out the red carpet but there was just one problem. Only 2 people showed up to the demonstration. You see, the industry was so tired of being fooled by manufacturers who made false claims and damaging products that they assumed that what we created was more of the same. As Kisha and I left that day, we looked at each other and said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to open a salon if we want customers and clients to experience it." The plans for Huetiful Salon were created the very next day. Today, Huetiful services over a thousand clients every month and nanoSMOOTHING continues to be our signature service. The story behind nanoSMOOTHING is just as much about overcoming life's challenges as it is about the product itself. To understand Huetiful's passion and commitment to hair care, you have to understand how far we went to ensure that nanoSMOOTHING got to market. Upon reflection, it is amazing to see what a company can achieve when innovation outlasts resistance to change. Please enjoy this digital service guide for the Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING Treatment. CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT KEN

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