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Introduction to the Huetiful Hair Steamer, its History, and its Founder. Includes a product demonstration and information on the Huetiful Salon.

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Is it possible to make your hair stronger and softer at the same time? Huetiful Glycolic Strengthening Treatment 866.708.7015 The Hueful Glycolic Strengthening Treatment was created by founder, Ken Burkeen. Hueful's Glycolic Strengthening Treatment infuses 18 different amino acids into hair strands to significantly strengthen and forfy hair while protecng your curls from heat and styling related damage. In addion, the glycolic acid provides long lasng slip, or "lubricity" to the hair; resulng in less fricon and entanglement during brushing, which leads to significant reducon in breakage and improved manageability. Glycolic acid is known for its skin care benefits and it has the exact same great benefits for scalp care. It is now...

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